How Many Elephants

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Hear how adventurer Holly Budge is saving elephants with the help of school children and her time in the African bush with female anti-poaching groups – The Black Mambas and the Akashinga

Cup of Tea Chat #3

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Environmental podcast interview about children’s books and films. It’s been a while since I’ve had my good friend and fellow podcaster Tash (from My Home Planet) on the show, so I thought I’d bring her on to discuss a very … Continued

Wildlife Photographer Suzi Eszterhas – Girls Who Click

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Environmental podcast with wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas. On today’s show I’m delighted to introduce you to wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas. I had such a blast talking to Suzi that I couldn’t even edit our conversation down, there are too many … Continued

Georgie Dolphin – Saving Dolphins With A Children’s Book

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Environmental podcast with Georgie Dolphin   Since beginning this conservation journey the most amazing people keep entering my life. I am continually awed and inspired by their passion and dedication to shaping this world into a better place for all … Continued

Ondine Sherman – The Power of Education To Ensure a Better Future For The Voiceless

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Environmental podcast with Ondine Sherman     You may have noticed that there has been a quite a gap between the last episode of Wilderkids and this one. The art/book side of my life has taken over everything lately – … Continued

Roberto D’Andrea – The Connies Performance Troupe

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Environmental podcast with The Connies’ Roberto D’Andrea.   On this week’s show we’re joined by Roberto D’Andrea, part of a touring performance troupe called the Connies, born of the rich 112 year Melbourne Tram Conducting tradition, that bring environmental education … Continued

Lewyn Maefala – Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

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Environmental podcast with The Black Mambas.   5 years ago the first all female anti-poaching unit was created to combat wildlife crime, particularly rhino poaching, in the greater Kruger National Park in north eastern South Africa. They go by the … Continued

Sarah Pilkington – Environmental Education in Rural Australian Schools

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Environmental podcast interview with a teacher.   Welcome to the first Wildkerkids podcast episode of 2018!   On this week’s show I chat to Sarah Pilkington, a school teacher from rural (& I mean rural) Australia. In our conversation, amongst … Continued

Marc Bekoff – Important Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Animals

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Environmental podcast with children’s author Marc Bekoff.   Today I’m joined by one the nicest guys you could hope to meet, Marc Bekoff. Marc is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Colorado University, a Fellow of the … Continued

Cup of Tea Chat #2

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Environmental podcast interview about children’s books and films.   In this week’s podcast episode of Wilderkids, I sit down with my good friend Tash over a cup of tea, to discuss a film, that despite its age, I only watched … Continued

Sarah Sutter – Turning Play Inside, Out

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Environmental podcast with Nature Play.   On today’s show you’ll meet the CEO of a fantastic initiative whose vision is to make outdoor play in nature an everyday part of childhood. Sarah Sutter heads up the not-for-profit organisation, Nature Play … Continued

Amy Park – Impact Of An Environmental Education

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Environmental podcast about Kids Teaching Kids.   Last week I spoke to the co-creator of a really inspiring environmental education programme. It left me wondering what effect this programme has on the kids that take part in it, from their point … Continued

Arron Wood – Inspiring Our Next Environmental Leaders

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Environmental podcast with Arron Wood from Kids Teaching Kids.   Arron Wood has been a champion of the environment for most of his life. In this episode of Wilderkids, Arron shares the key turning point in his life, when, at … Continued

Welcome To Wilderkids

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Children’s books podcast.     What books affected you as a child? In the first episode of Wilderkids I chat with my good friend Tash, from My Home Planet, about the books that impacted our childhood. We talk about what’s … Continued

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