Georgie Dolphin – Saving Dolphins With A Children’s Book

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Environmental podcast with Georgie Dolphin

Georgie Dolphin


Since beginning this conservation journey the most amazing people keep entering my life. I am continually awed and inspired by their passion and dedication to shaping this world into a better place for all of us. I’m thankful to call them my friends.

On today’s show I get to chat to one of those friends, Georgie Dolphin. We met over a shared loved of wildlife conservation and children’s books, so as you can imagine, the attraction was instant. Georgie’s a rare breed. A truly kind, generous and lovely soul.

Georgie works for Humane Society International (HSI). An amazing organisation that work to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals, including people. Through education, advocacy and empowerment. We talk quite a bit about the important work that HSI undertake, particularly the role Georgie plays.

Her children’s book, ‘Dolphin Freedom For Wally And Molly’, seeks to education children about where dolphins truly belong, in the wild. A sensitive and gentle story, that ends with fun dolphin facts and games.


Also in our chat . . .

  • What turned a 13 year old Georgie into an animal advocate.
  • What came first the desire to save dolphins or to create children’s books.
  • Georgie’s book making process using just her computer, how she printed it and what her goal is for publishing the book.
  • The public response to her children’s book.
  • Getting her children’s book into Japan and China.
  • How she copes with copes what she’s exposed to on a daily basis through her job.
  • How much trouble the world’s donkeys are in at the hands of Chinese medicine, something I never knew about it.
  • About dolphin advocate Ric O’Barry and the film, The Cove, about the annual wild dolphin capture in Taiji Japan. Such an important film for dolphin conservation.
  • The Montessori School child-centred educational approach.
  • The importance of social media in spreading the conservation message, particularly in countries that have been traditionally hard to penetrate.


For more information about HSI Australia please visit

To learn about Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project please visit

To find out how you can watch the film, The Cove please visit The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos, won an Academy Award for best documentary feature in 2010. The Cove is a call to action to halt mass dolphin kills and captures for water entertainment parks, to change Japanese fishing practices, and to educate the public about the risks of mercury poisoning from consuming dolphin meat.

Dolphin Angels are a group that Georgie mentions as being instrumental in changing attitudes towards marine parks. You can learn more about this brilliant group here.


After the interview we had a chat about a possible collaboration so hopefully you’ll see us together at some point soon doing something children-wildlife-conservation related, which will be really fun.


I hope you enjoy this really educational episode of Wilderkids. If our eyes our opened we can action serious world change just by simply deciding where we put our money.


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Introducing Georgie’s children’s book, ‘Dolphin Freedom For Wally And Molly’. To get hold of a copy of the book please drop me an email or leave a comment below.

Dolphin Conservation Children's book

Dolphin Conservation Children's book

This is the video Georgie put together that she mentions in our chat . . .


The books that influenced a young Georgie were the Beatrix Potter books . . .


Beatrix Potter Books


Some of the best-loved characters in children’s literature.



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When I’m not podcasting I write and illustrate children’s books – taking children on adventures all around the world saving our planet’s wildlife.

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12 Responses

  1. Sue

    What an education. Thank you Georgie. Thank you Imogen.

    • Imogen

      Thank you Sue

  2. John Sanders

    I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the Cove but listening to this podcast has really opened my eyes. I wish Georgie every success with her book. I hope it stops children from wanting to visit marine parks.

    • Imogen

      Thank you John. I wish Georgie every success too.

  3. Clare

    Georgie came to visit my daughter’s pre-school. She absolutely loved the story. Such an important message.

    • Imogen

      Hi Clare, how lovely that Georgie visited your daughters school. I’m sure her visits are wonderful.

  4. Malcolm.M

    Really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.

    • Imogen

      Thank you Malcolm. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Nicole Hopkins

    So glad I’ve found this podcast. What a gem! Thank you.

    • Imogen

      So glad you found us Nicole. Thank you for taking the time to say hi. We really appreciate it!

  6. Wilhemina

    What a great interview. I had no idea about what happens to dolphins. It’s awfuL. thANKS for spreading the message

    • Imogen

      Thank you Wilhemina. I agree it’s truly awful. Georgie is doing a great job in getting the message out there with her wonderful children’s book

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