Marc Bekoff – Important Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Animals

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Environmental podcast with children’s author Marc Bekoff.

image courtesy of Tom Gordon


Today I’m joined by one the nicest guys you could hope to meet, Marc Bekoff.

Marc is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Colorado University, a Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society, a member of the Ethics Committee of the Jane Goodall Institute and an ambassador for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme.

He has published numerous essays and books for adults and 3 books for children.

In 2005 he was presented with The Bank One Faculty Community Service Award for the work he has done with children, senior-citizens, and prisoners, and in 2009 he was presented with the St. Francis of Assisi Award by the New Zealand SPCA.

Marc has also won several awards for the work he has done with children, senior-citizens, and prisoners.


We talk about . . .

  • How he tackles potentially controversial subjects like trophy hunting, with kids.
  • What school visits and prison visits have in common.
  • Tackling the issue of war with children.
  • His work with Jane Goodall and the Roots and Shoots programme.
  • And why we all need to be more empathetic.


For more information about Marc please visit

To learn about Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme and how you can get involved visit


I thoroughly enjoyed my chat Marc, a wonderful, kind and interesting man. I hope you enjoy it too.



Listen here . . .

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Marc has written 3 books for children………



Animals At Play – using play behaviour in non-human animals to teach children in a fun way about cooperation, compassion, empathy and fairness. This brilliant educational book features many animals, including wolves, giraffes, apes, dolphins, dogs and elephants.



Kids And Animals – which came about as a result of his work with Jane Goodall. A wonderfully endearing fill-in-the-blank book, where children from all around the world have added their endings and illustrations to the phrases “I have a dream that……” or “I am thankful for…….”.

You can download the Kids and Animals book for free.



Jasper’s Story: Saving Moon Bears – a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children about the importance of having hope. Based on a true story about a bear rescued from the bear bile industry. This award-winning children’s book shows that with motivation and a lot of work it is possible to overcome adversity. Jasper is such an inspiration for hope that empowers children when they themselves or someone they love gets into a situation that could be viewed as hopeless – “If Jasper can do it I can do it too.”


If you are interested in reading Marc’s books, please visit his website.



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  1. Alysa

    What a lovely man! I really enjoyed this episode!

    • wilderkids

      Yes he is lovely 🙂 Thanks for your comment Alysa!

  2. Michelle Stern

    I LOVE that you have included an interview with Marc Bekoff on your podcast! I love his work with dogs and other animals and am thrilled that you are sharing his endearing way of connecting kids to animals. Thank you! I’ll be sharing on my FB page!

    • wilderkids

      Thank you so much Michelle! So glad you found my podcast. Marc is brilliant. Such a kind man. I absolutely loved talking to him.

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