Rewild Your Child To Save The Planet!

I believe that if we are to succeed in the conservation of our wilderness and endangered species, we have to engage our children with the natural world. A child won’t grow up caring about nature, wanting to protect and preserve it, if it has never learned to love it.

Wilderkids is a monthly podcast for parents/teachers of eco kids and anyone else that believes we need to rewild our planet’s children.

Introducing you to books, films, events and methods to help you rewild your child (or just start them off wild) . . . So we can save the planet!

Featuring interviews with authors, photographers, scientists, conservationists and educationists.

I’m a children’s author-illustrator and part of Animal Works International, a not-for-profit association that works with partners around the globe to conserve wildlife.

Having worked for several years in the UK as a lawyer for an international law firm and an environmental charity; I decided on a career change to pursue my passion for conservation, through illustrations and story telling. The podcast allows me to share other people’s stories.

My series of children’s books – The POWEs (Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered), take children on adventures all around the world saving our planet’s wildlife. The series donates 20% of its profits to wildlife conservation.