Sarah Pilkington – Environmental Education in Rural Australian Schools

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Environmental podcast interview with a teacher.


Welcome to the first Wildkerkids podcast episode of 2018!


On this week’s show I chat to Sarah Pilkington, a school teacher from rural (& I mean rural) Australia.

In our conversation, amongst other things, you’ll hear about . . .

  • What life is like in a rural school that serves a farming community.
  • What environmental programmes are part of the curriculum in Australian schools.
  • How in an area where water scarcity is a huge problem, school children are playing a vital research role for the government.
  • How getting children practically involved in environmental sustainability is far more successful than just teaching them the topic.
  • How important it is to introduce sustainability through a lens that children can understand and relate to.


I hope you enjoy today’s chat. For me it was great to hear about life in an Australian rural school as compared to life in city schools in Australia which is what I’m familiar with. It left me feeling the need to do a road trip to undertake some school visits in some of these remote communities. I reckon that would be pretty fun!


To learn more about the Kids Teaching Kids Programme that Sarah talks about and how your kids or your school can get involved please visit kidsteachingkids Please also check out the interview I did with the programme’s co-founder Arron Wood.



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So just where is the school that Sarah teaches at?………….


Visit this map link to zoom in 🙂


The children’s books Sarah talked about, that affected her as child were Magic Beach and My Farm by Alison Lester first published in 1990 and 1994 respectively.



Rhyming fun and beautiful memories of time spent at the beach and on family holidays. Join the adventure of all the different things you can find and fun you can have when you go and explore – sand castles, boats and rock pools.

If you would like to read the book visit Magic Beach (Imogen’s affiliate link)



Alison Lester’s own story of growing up on an Australian farm with her family. Experience the seasons in an Australian year and the adventures they bring as the author shares her childhood memories of farming life.

If you would like to read the book visit My Farm (Imogen’s affiliate link)




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