#WorldGiraffeDay with Monica Bond

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Environmental podcast with wildlife biologist and giraffe expert Monica Bond.


Today is World Giraffe Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than chatting to giraffe expert and children’s author Monica Bond.

Monica is a wildlife biologist at the Wild Nature Institute, an NGO that creates environmental education tools for children and adults in Tanzania and the US, as well as other English speaking countries.
Africa is a place that holds a real fascination for me so I absolutely loved chatting to Monica about her work out there and what she believes needs to be done to save Africa’s unique and amazing wildlife. If you fancy escaping to Africa, quite literally, for a little while, have a listen.

We talk about . . .

  • The important work that she is doing in Africa. 
  • The differences and similarities between children in Africa and the US in terms of their connection to nature.
  • Monica’s beautiful children’s books and her self-publishing journey to get them out into the world.
  • The effect that educating children about the issues facing our natural world is having at ground level. 
  • Monica’s experiences working with woman and girls in Tanzania and the role they play in preserving Africa’s wildlife.
  • What it’s like working in Africa, particularly as a woman.
  • The biggest problems we’re facing in conserving our natural world
  • And what gives her hope that we can save it

Take a look at the Wild Nature Institute to see the amazing and important work they are undertaking in Africa and in the US.

Listen here . . .

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Monica’s children’s books:

Wildlife books for children . . .

giraffe children’s book













elephant children’s book


rhino children’s book


















You can find out more about Monica’s wildebeest, elephant and rhino books and to download the activity sheets please visit africasgiants.org. To find out more about her giraffe book visit jumathegiraffe.com.To purchase the books please email Monica or visit Amazon USA , Amazon UK or Barnes and Noble.

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8 Responses

  1. Sarah

    Happy World Giraffe Day Imogen and Monica and thank you for this informative interview. So tragic what is happening to giraffes.

    • Imogen

      Happy World Giraffe Day to you too Sarah. Yes it’s very tragic but interviews like this one help spread the news and if more people know about the threats facing giraffes more can be done about it!

  2. M. Olazal

    I love that Monica was sat in her jeep in the Serengeti when you spoke! I could really imagine her life in the field. What a lovely lady

    • Imogen

      Haha! I totally agree. It was a great fun way to do an episode! The wonders of the internet!

  3. SurfMom

    I had no idea what was happening to giraffes 🙁 Thank you for sharing

    • Imogen

      Yes so sad. Monica and the Wild Nature Institute are doing amazing work to save them. It’s a great honour for me to be able to highlight the important work that conservationists are doing to save our planet’s endangered species!

  4. J.Walsh

    Great interview.

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