Holly Budge from How Many Elephants and World Female Ranger Week

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Environmental podcast with adventurer and conservationist Holly Budge – founder of How Many Elephants and World Female Ranger Week

Wilderkids is back after a short break and what a cracking episode to kick off the new season of interviews.

On this episode we have adventurer and conservationist, Holly Budge who tells us all about her visual campaign and charity – How Many Elephants.
Anyone that is familiar with my art will know how much I love elephants so when a friend from home told me about Holly, who had visited her children’s school, inspiring them all with her passion for saving these wonderful creatures, I knew that I had to interview her.
Holly is a passionate fun courageous woman and I think you’re all going to love hearing about her adventures as much as I did.
We chat about . . .
  • Her hard hitting visual campaign and charity 
  • How she went from being a skydiving camerawoman to being a conservationist 
  • Her terrifying skydive over Everest!
  • How a teacher expanded her mind and helped put her on the path she’s on today
  • How passion and determination can help you achieve anything you set your mind to
  • How if you can hone something right down and do one thing really well you will have a bigger impact
  • The time she has spent in the African bush with the all female anti-poaching groups – The Black Mambas and the Akashinga
  • Her experiences with school children in Africa and the UK and how they compare

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Connect with Holly and her campaign:
How Many Elephants
Find out how you can get involved:
Get Involved

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  1. Jan Walker

    I can’t believe the number elephants are poached every day. It’s crazy and so sad. So good that people like Holly are doing what they’re doing.

    • wilderkids

      Hi Jan, yes it’s absolutely shocking isn’t it when you consider how many elephants are killed every day. It’s such a great campaign and exhibition for explaining the magnitude of the problem!

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