Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit – Lewyn Maefala

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Environmental podcast with The Black Mambas.

In 2013 the first all female anti-poaching unit was created to combat wildlife crime, particularly rhino poaching, in the greater Kruger National Park in north eastern South Africa. They go by the name of the Black Mambas.

The idea behind the Black Mambas is inspirational but the women themselves – from local communities, which are frequently poor and disadvantaged – are my absolute heroines. These women through peaceful means, have caused poaching rates to fall to by 76% and bushmeat by 78%.

As many of you will know, poaching of African wildlife particularly elephants and rhinos was the motivation behind my first children’s book and so these ladies have a special place in my heart!

SO I’m delighted that today we’re joined by one of these amazing women – Lewyn Maefala – who heads up their community environmental education programme ‘Bush Babies’. Her enthusiasm is infectious and we had such a laugh over some of the stories of life as a Black Mamba but there are some harrowing stories too.

We talk about . . .

  • How the Black Mambas are effective in the war against poaching even though they are unarmed.
  • Being chased by lions.
  • How you stop the children of poachers from growing up to become poachers themselves.
  • Changing the traditional African attitudes about women.
  • Sexual assault.
  • And wildlife heroes.

I’m now busy packing up a box of my children’s books (‘The Disappearing Tusks’) for Lewyn to use in her classrooms 🙂

Listen here . . .


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Lewyn quoted the Lorax when she explained that we all need to care a whole awful lot or is not going to change it’s not. If you’ve not read that it I really think you should. It’s a brilliant book. My buddy and occasional co-host Tash and I chat about the Lorax in the podcast episode – Cup of Tea Chat Number 2 so have a listen if you want to learn a little more about it.


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4 Responses

  1. Damian

    I love these women! How wonderful that they are defeating poachers without guns. And as always it is the women that educate the children and will change the future. What a throughly entertaining and informative interview!

    • wilderkids

      Hi Damian, thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. To know that these women are changing the future as well as the present poaching situation is very exciting.

  2. Kim Wheeler

    Love this interview. So great to learn about the Black Mambas and the amazing work they do.

    • Imogen

      Thanks Kim. So did I. The Black Mambas are really inspiring women!

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