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Environmental podcast with The Connies’ Roberto D’Andrea.


On this week’s show we’re joined by Roberto D’Andrea, part of a touring performance troupe called the Connies, born of the rich 112 year Melbourne Tram Conducting tradition, that bring environmental education to children at festivals and schools in Australia and India.

With India having such a special place in my heart after spending so long travelling there, I particularly loved hearing about Roberto’s adventures in Kolkata.


During our conversation we talk about . . .

  • The loss of a beautiful tradition and with it the loss of a bit of soul.
  • The importance of taking children on the journey that a piece of rubbish will make from when it’s dropped on their street until it reaches the sea.
  • Working with environmental NGO’s to get their messages out there.
  • What Melbourne and Kolkata have in common.
  • The environmental problems facing India and what the Connies are doing to help.
  • And the importance of free range childhood.


Roberto knows so much about wildlife and is just the loveliest guy. I really enjoyed talking to him.

With ever increasing human populations throughout the world, we need to have environmentally sustainable modes of transport and if they are manned by conductors that give environmental education at the same time it would just be brilliant.



To learn more about the Connies and how you can get them to visit your event or school please visit and to learn more about the Tramjatra festivals in Kolkata please visit



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Here are some of the wonderful collectable environmental cards that The Connies hand out at festivals and events……..


These India cards are going to be very helpful for my latest POWEs book 🙂




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