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Children’s books podcast.

What books affected you as a child? In the first episode of Wilderkids I chat with my good friend Natasha Milne — author of One Hundred and One Reason To Get Out of Bed and fellow podcaster, about the books that impacted our childhood.

We talk about what’s changed since then . . . Is the world in a worse state? . . . Are we still telling the same stories to our children today?

Learn about the inspiration behind the creation of the Wilderkids podcast and my series of children’s books.

Find out about what things are coming up on Wilderkids.

Over the course of this adventure, wherever it takes us, I’ll be introducing you to some fantastic people doing great things to connect kids to nature. I’ll also be searching the planet high and low to bring you inspirational children’s books about the natural world. If you would like to share any environmental children’s books you love, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to chat about them in future podcasts and will hopefully interview some of the creators behind the books.

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The children’s books Tash and I talk about are . . .

The Little House by American author-illustrator Virginia Lee Burton. First published in 1942, which won the Caldecott Medal.

The story centers on a little house built at the top of a hill in the countryside. The house watches the seasons pass, and wonders about the lights of the city . . . as time passes the lights of city grow closer and before long the little house is swallowed up by the urban sprawl. But one day the great-great-granddaughter of the builder of the house comes along and the house is saved . . . it returns to the countryside where once more the seasons happily pass.

If you would like to read the book visit The Little House (Imogen’s affiliate link)

The Wump World by American author-illustrator Bill Peet. First published in 1970.

On an imaginary planet the only inhabitants, the wumps, flee the newcomers, who set about colonising the wump’s green home with vast cities. They cut down the forests, they pollute the rivers . . . until one day the air is so polluted that the newcomers are forced to leave, to colonise yet another planet. But all hope is not lost . . . left alone, nature will recover.

If you would like to read the book visit The Wump World (Imogen’s affiliate link)


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When I’m not podcasting I write and illustrate children’s books – taking children on adventures all around the world saving our planet’s wildlife.

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