I believe that for success in the conservation of our wilderness and endangered species, we have to engage our children with the natural world. A child won’t grow up caring about nature, wanting to protect and preserve it, if it has never learned to love it.

This belief was some thing I felt so strongly that I gave up a successful legal career to create a series of environmental children’s books. It also led to the creation of Wilderkids; a child specific environmental podcast. The podcast is focused around environmental books, films, events, school and community programmes and any other inventive ways you wonderful people have come up with, to shape our future conservationists. In each podcast I’ll be interviewing authors, illustrators, scientists, conservationists and educators. As well as chatting about books, films and events that engage children with the natural world around them.

Who is this podcast for? Primarily, I suppose you would say it’s for parents and other carers of children, for teachers and other educators. But if connecting children to nature interests you in another way…..perhaps you also write children’s books or work in conservation, then you too may enjoy the show.

Thanks for listening and being a part of this journey.




I’m a children’s author-illustrator; a lawyer and part of Animal Works, an Australian not-for-profit association that works with partners around the globe to conserve wildlife.

Having worked for several years in the UK as a lawyer for an international law firm and an environmental charity; I decided on a career change to pursue my passion for conservation, through illustrations and story telling.

My series of children’s books – The POWEs (Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered), take children on adventures all around the world saving our planet’s wildlife. The series donates 20% of its profits to conservation charities.